French Connection

When Kevin Nashan, the chef-owner behind St. Louis’ celebrated Sidney Street Cafe, opened his second restaurant, Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co. (The name refers to the original po’boy moniker), it was this rich connection he wanted to celebrate.

4 Secrets of the Incredible Lobster Frito Pie

“Growing up,” says chef Kevin Nashan, “all the kids would ride our BMX bikes to the plaza in downtown Santa Fe to either get a candy and a coke from Gormelly’s or a frito pie from Woolworth’s.”

First Bite: The Peacemaker

“The mid-August opening of The Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co. lived up to its name. Seafood lovers in landlocked St. Louis were clamoring for the place to open, as were legions of devotees of chef Kevin Nashan’s flagship, Sidney Street Cafe.”

A Delicious, Transportive Experience

To say that Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co. brings good seafood to St. Louis is a huge understatement. It’s more like the doorway to the Benton Park eatery is some sort of wormhole, transporting diners to a dockside table on the Chesapeake Bay.

The Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co.

“Before it burst on the scene in August as one of the year’s hottest restaurants, The Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co. was Kevin Nashan’s vision of “a place where I want to eat every single day.”